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STAGEMAKER hoists as guarantor of safe equipment in Nikulin Moscow circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

NIKULIN MOSCOW CIRCUS on Tsvetnoy Boulevard arena is entered by world-known circus family Tony, horses dance, performing tigers show tricks, clown Davis Vassallo entertains the public, trapeze artists and acrobats and even ventriloquist are performing!  

This is all about the new circus show “Fantastica” with its thoughtful scenery, surprising visual effects and bright transformations, which premiered on February 21, 2020.

Our oldest NIKULIN MOSCOW CIRCUS on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, the brand we are proud of, had been always known as a traditional and classical circus. Nevertheless time calls for changes, and brand-new show that was prepared during winter 2019-20 turned to be very technically intense, with usage of the most modern technologies.

The show was created and directed with the help of Antonio Giarola from Italy. He is known for staging all the carnivals in Verona and Venice, and a number of horse shows in Europe. His wife, a choreographer, brilliantly coped with directing colorful fancy-dress dance numbers.

The show is based on famous fairy tales and features not only items with performing animals, but whole number of light special effects and surprises. Surprises start from the circus foyer.  Director’s idea of talking trees took shape to create the atmosphere, complying with new show style. At the intermediate levels there are two talking trees, and at the next level there are arches, symbolizing passage into the fairy world.

Spectacular new decorations were purchased sspecially for the new program. They use LED technologies – self-luminous and high-resolution LED screens.  Kinetic balls have not been used during circus performances before. Since the circus height to the grate is 23 meters, they have ordered high-speed balls with lifting height  of 18 meters and speed of 2 meters per second (standard kinetic balls have lifting height of 9-12 meters and speed of 0.7 meters per second)

Well-arranged light is of great importance for the overall perception of the performance, and great attention is paid to technologies to ensure high-quality suspension in the Circus. NIKULIN MOSCOW CIRCUS on Tsvetnoy Boulevard made a bet on safe and high-quality winches of the new generation very much on time, moving in step with the advanced world trends.  When D8 plus class hoists that do not need additional belaying, began to be used in Europe and America, providing a new level of safety, the circus also switched to them. First STAGEMAKER hoists were purchased about 6 years ago to replace farms that are suspended over the audience sectors. After this 4 more hoists STAGEMAKER SR10 with loading capacity 500 kg and lifting speed 16 meters per min were bought. They were used for the air show, which took part in Monte Carlo festival last year and was awarded with the Silver Clown. Gymnasts perform over safety net and the hoists actually replaced people for pulling the net during installation. The hoists actually replaced people for pulling the net during its installation. They stop automatically when the maximum load is reached, and this feature of STAGEMAKER hoists was well used for the show.

For the new show “Fantastica”, two farms were placed under the circus dome, on which a large curtain with an adjustment of the lifting speed was suspended. The suspension of the trusses was made on 18 STAGEMAKER SR10.504m2-A20 hoists (500 kg, double brake, class D8 +). Lighting devices and kinetic balls also hang on these farms. Now total number of STAGEMAKER hoists that the circus has is 26 pieces.

Vladimir Tarasov, head of stage equipment and lighting department of NIKULIN MOSCOW CIRCUS on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, thanked Verlinde, STAGEMAKER hoists producer and their partners Sofit Light. He said: “Advanced STAGEMAKER hoists now carry all the equipment needed for the “Fantastica” show, and this is a large number of lighting devices. 4 hoists hold only sound equipment, and the remaining 18 - all farms that have a net, kinetic balls, all light equipment. There are not many manufacturers on the market who make quality hoists. In addition to considerations of quality, cost and logistics issues, our choice was influenced by the comfort and pleasure of communicating with long-standing partners. It’s also convenient that STAGEMAKER has many distributors in Moscow who help with after-sales service. ”

The public doesn’t see the hoists during the show. But they are very important, like underwater part of iceberg, and play one of the key roles. Withstanding the weight of all equipment, they must be hundred per cent reliable, because they are entrusted with the safety of spectators and artists, directly above the heads of which they are located.

The show premiered on February 21, the performance was shown about 10 times, and then it was suspended due to the closure of all public events, and will soon be resumed and continued. Critics noted a bright and unusual production, so those spectators who did not have time to watch the show will be able to visit the circus and plunge into childhood and joy beginning of this autumn.

Next level partnership

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