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Radio load cell

SRLM stagemaker radio load cell


Stagemaker radio load cell

on Stagemaker SR or SL with shackles
SRLI stagemaker radio load cell


Stagemaker radio load cell

integrated on Stagemaker SR or SL
lifting chain
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  • Completely wireless: No messy cables & higher reliability: Multiple channels ensure reliable transmission. Each load cell transmits independently no danger of damage to one cable that will ruin the entire system ability to monitor the loads. STAGEMAKER RADIO LOAD CELL’s very long battery life enables complete independence of the power system. This, together with UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) to backup the central radio receiver, enables continuous load monitoring even in power shut down. Especially suitable for touring and rentals.
  • With SRLI : one-time installation and then the load cell can stay as integral part of the hoist during entire tours, saving the installation time.
  • Very low headroom loss.
  • Up to 200 load cells on one Central Radio Receiver.
  • Load cells are available with a safety factor of 5 or 10.
  • No need for any extra accessories like shackles with SRLI.
  • Enables easy retrofit to all existing hoists that are in the market (entertainment and industrial).
  • Will make the periodical maintenance / service of the hoist easier.
  • Enables 5000 hours battery life, optional 10,000 hours i.e. more than a year of continuous use, no sleep mode or standby mode which are not acceptable from a safety point of view.


  • Set point, for integration of STAGEMAKER LOAD CELL system with any controller (use option XLR on Controller price list).
  • Real time cellular SMS alert on overload occurrence.
  • Additional channel : Per load cell, per channel or Per Central Radio Receiver, per channel. Explanation about the dual triple and quad frequency channels : each STAGEMAKER LOAD CELL will come standard with 2 frequency channels. Two additional channels may be added as an optional feature. The system will switch between channels once per second and will continuously cycle through all available channels while in operation. The dual system will simply switch between channels, when using three or four channels the system will run through all the channels in order. This cycling through the channels increases safety and reliability. If one channel is blocked due to environmental interference, the system will receive a reliable reading on an alternative channel within one second. This will negate the possibility of not receiving transmission.
  • Single wire option for the wireless receiver.
  • Slave & master Central Radio Receiver for increased range, harsh conditions, and the ability to monitor several halls in one control room : slave Central Radio Receiver (Laptop not included). Master Central Radio Receiver (Laptop included).
Radio load cell configuration

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