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For loads up to 2000 kg
(up to 5000 kg with SR range)

STAGEMAKER SL is the result of our vast experience in the entertainment market, along with well established R&D and relationships with our worldwide customer base.

STAGEMAKER has an excellent global reputation with more than 45 years of experience in the entertainment rigging market as well as theaters, studios, events, trade show,... Our long life span, together with our impressive customer references, proves our commitment to this market and the reliability and ingenuity of our products.

Backed by this ongoing policy of innovation, constant upgrading in tune with current technologies and worldwide regulation,  the STAGEMAKER SL range of hoists will further prove that Stagemaker is Raising the Standard of Performance in the entertainment market.

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Stagemaker SL5 - Double Brake


New “Perfect Push MKII”, patented concept, 5 pocket load wheel.
This innovation provides improved chain guiding and chain flow, to help reduce the risk of chain jamming.
Design provides a horizontal flow of the chain as it comes off the load wheel.
This design, along with the high strength aluminum construction, allows for a more fluid flow of the chain into the chain bag and helps to reduce the risk of chain jamming.
Drain in housing to avoid water collection in load wheel compartment.
The Limitflux is a built-in limit switch device in the CHAINFlux MKIII that’s allow to control setting of hoist or hook position in industrial suspension or climbing configuration.
Accuracy of the system is given at one link of lifting chain.
The setting of the limit is operated by two magnetic ring (upper and lower) which can be easily moved and set along the lifting chain.

more operating convenience

  • Operating sound level down to 60 db (test certificate available).
  • Climbing hoist or industrial suspension configuration can be changed simply by reversing the chain container.
  • Rotating upper and lower hooks.
  • High capacity and high strength chain bag made of 1100 denier, high grade black fabric, is both removable and reversible.
  • Rubber buffers located on the hoist corners provide added protection for the hoist.
  • Motor design provides consistent speeds when both fully loaded or unloaded.
  • Electrical components designed for “plug and play” connectivity.

more savings

Maintenance operations are now simpler, faster and more economical:

  • Easy access to the torque limiter.
  • Easy access to safety fuses.
  • New concept of easily dismountable hoisting motor.
  • Easy visual access to the brake for control.
Stagemaker SL5

more safety

  • Stagemaker SL is D8+ as standard (SQP2) and D8 by removing one brake.
  • Double lifting brake as standard for more safety.
  • IP66 protection as standard for the entire hoist for SL5 and SL10.
  • Clutch concept. The clutch position in the reducer ensures the load is held by the brake regardless of the machine’s daily operating conditions.
  • Magnetic limit switch as standard on all SL5 (version B, one fall) and SL10 (version B, one fall) with standard Limitflux.
  • G100 Black electro galvanized lifting chain as standard manufactured specifically for Stagemaker.
  • All hoist motor as integral thermal protection to prevent overheating (version B).

more improved ergonomics

  • Due to oval shape the chain can’t be stock on top of the motor, this reduce the risk of chain jamming. The design with its flowing and refined lines draws attention to its robustness and on-board technology and gives a strong impression of integral safety. The new streamlining provides STAGEMAKER SR and SL better integration in its operating environment (lighting, loudspeakers, etc.).
  • Hoist meets ecology regulations and is RohS compliant.
  • The hoist body is powder coated with black (RAL 7021), protective 70 µm epoxy paint, allowing it to perform under the most extreme conditions (-10 °C to +40 °C / -4 to 122 degrees F).
  • Lifting hook has an ergonomic, rubber clad, gripping surface.
  • New ergonomic concept for the retractable, rubber clad handgrips, allow an easy transportation of the hoist (SL5 and SL10 as standard, SR1 as option).
  • Black CE P17 plug for better integration.

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