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Eurosystem ALD

For loads up to 2,000 kg
Overhead handling system made from aluminium hollow profile, specially dedicated for theater, arena or fix installation. This new range of aluminium hollow profile offer possibility, from wide range of modular components portfolio, to simply built a crane or a monorail track in order to support an electric chain hoist. Both manual or electric trolley provide smooth and quiet travelling / crossing of the load. From the high modularity concept of the system, all existing installation could be easily update or upgrade.
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Eurosystem ALD


  • Ergonomic : Light rails means users can very easily and effortlessly handle heavy and cumbersome loads.
  • Accurate : Accuracy is ensured through high quality manufacture and smooth movements.
  • Anti-corrosion : The aluminium profiles are externally and internally anodized.
  • Economical : Reduce weight of supporting structure.
  • Technological : The beam is the result of the latest innovations in cold extrusion and structure optimisation.
  • Lasting : Strong strength to wear and tear is the result of anodization and the roller materials.
  • Practical : The beam is compatible with all ITEM standard accessories.
  • Safety : The beam is guaranteed without welding.
  • Silence : Operates silently due to the precise manufacture of the movement surface.

Reduced cost of supporting structures

  • 2 times lighter than its steel equivalent.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Economical for lifting structures.
Reduced cost of supporting structures

Better workstation ergonomics and increased productivity

Compared with steel rails, when manually moving loads, the movement coefficient of the trolley rollers is greatly reduced in order to minimise operator effort.

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