Ergonomic handgrips.
The hoist body is made of injection-cast aluminum to reduce motor weight. The motor ribs ensure efficientheat dissipation (up to 240 startups per hour). The hoist is protected by 80-micron epoxy paint (RAL 7021).

Black lifting chain.
Class T, 800 N/mm². Safety coefficient 5, electrogalvanized, specially manufactured for VERLINDE. High-capacity, high-strength chain bucket made of enforced high grade black fabric, 900 denier, removable.

Load wheel with 5 pockets.
Machined in a single production step on our machining centers.
The 5-pocket load wheel ensures fluid movement of the lifting
chain and reduce the polygon effect. The CHAINFLUX horizontal output guide system prevents chain twisting regardless of the motor position.

Large steel panel electrical housing.
It receives the electrical components and provides space for other options. The housing provides easy access for all maintenance operations (IP55/NEMA 3R). The unit comes with a standard connection cable equipped with a CE type connector or Harting connector according version type.